6 Reasons We Get it Wrong!

Original Post by Fiona Keary on Style Liberation June 26 2014


Ok, so I’m putting myself out there and sharing an old photo of myself. Oh yes, that’s me! Circa 2000/2001, before I learned what worked for me and what didn’t. You see, you don’t have to be born with an innate sense of style, I definitely wasn’t! You can learn the tricks and tools to create looks that suits your personality and lifestyle.

So why do we get it wrong?

1. Does this suit me?

Do you know what suits you? Understanding the colours, styles and shapes that flatter you means that you’ll make less mistakes. You’ll end up with a wardrobe you love, full of pieces that mix and match as well as the confidence to try new things.

2. The dress code – there is one

Written or unwritten there is a dress code for every occasion. Understanding the code and adapting your style to suit it ensures that you are always dressed appropriately. If in doubt, it’s better to be dressed up rather than dressed down.

3. Ignore your lifestyle and personality at your peril

I am addicted to party dresses! Anything with sequins or sparkles and I make a bee line. That was fine when I was out 4 nights a week but hardly appropriate now. I’d be better off investing in garbage bags as they are much easier to wipe off food stains and other unmentionables from – I have two young boys. If most of your week is spent at work then invest in good quality work pieces that will last a number of seasons. Don’t spend a great deal on fad or trend pieces as you won’t get the wear out of them.

4. The impulse buy

Let’s set the scene. It’s Thursday, you have an event on Friday evening and just one hour to find an outfit. You end up buying something because it will do rather than because you love it. You wear it once and it ends up languishing in your wardrobe unloved and unworn. Planning ahead each season and undertaking a six monthly wardrobe review will identify any gaps so that you can add pieces that you love and have something for every occasion.

5. Influenced by friends and family

It is really important to trust your judgment. If it doesn’t feel right then it’s not right. Yes, it may fit perfectly, the colour may be great and you may be met by oohs and has when you alight from the change room but if you feel like an alien you’ll never wear it.

6. Alteration alert

If you can buy clothes off the rack without requiring any alterations give yourself a high five. For the rest of us before you head home from your shopping trip stop by your friendly tailor and get your alterations done. I find if you don’t do it within a week they never get done.


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