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A secret past

On the surface, Laticia Gibson appeared to have it all. The former country girl was in her 20s and climbing the ranks fast in the city, working as a national reporter on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight. But bubbling beneath the surface were years of undiagnosed trauma, stemming from the fact that she was sexually abused […]

Harnessing anger for creativity

How can we harness our anger for creativity and freedom? I decided to explore the theme through my yoga practice and a verse from the Bhagavad Gita. Verse 2.63: rāga-dveṣha-viyuktais tu viṣhayān indriyaiśh charan ātma-vaśhyair-vidheyātmā prasādam adhigachchhati   TRANSLATION: Anger confuses the thinking process, which in turn, disturbs memory. When memory fails, reasoning is ruined. […]

Wise Owl Life Hack…

Words By Laticia Gibson, MBB Founder WE ARE ALL FACED WITH CHALLENGES ON A DAILY BASIS… Challenges with work, our partners, children and loved ones… some things we have control over, most, we don’t. About a year ago, I was blessed to hear the teachings of a Buddhist monk who was visiting Canberra. He said […]

Farewelling a season

IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? Words by: Laticia, Founder MBB Do you feel like you are changing? Something is being stirred in your core? You feel something inside is evolving? Are you making more conscious decisions about your life? You are suddenly more aware of the way you treat your body… […]

CLICK. CONNECT. CONVERT Marketing Workshop for SME’s

CLICK. CONNECT. CONVERT Economical and accessible ways to attract more clients Wagga Wagga – Tuesday August 9, 2016       We’ve all heard the saying, ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ so why is it that so many people are fearful of marketing and social media? As a business operator, we wear so […]

Are you okay being seen?

Are you okay being seen? Words By: Laticia Gibson, MBB Founder For those of you who’ve met me, you probably wouldn’t describe me as a shy person… tenacious yes. Shy? Not so much. One friend, many years ago, nicknamed me ‘Bulldog’ because once I get my teeth into something, I don’t let go. What most […]

Gut Health and Kombucha Workshop

GUT HEALTH & KOMBUCHA WORKSHOP SPACES ARE LIMITED CANBERRA: Saturday July 23rd WAGGA WAGGA: Saturday August 6th 4-hour workshop with nutritionist, Jane McIntyre     Part 1 – Introduction to your microbiome –  What is the microbiome? Your inner eco-system explained – The role & importance of the gut & microbiome on all aspects of […]

Fiona’s Tips for GREAT Profile Shots

Do you hate the way you photograph? Want to be true to yourself in your business headshot? Feel like awkward selfies are the only photos you have control over? Well not any more! Original words by Fiona Keary from Style Liberation, posted Oct 21 2013   I was lucky to work with a fabulous client […]

Good Sleep CAN Change Your Life!

Do you lead a busy and stressful life? Are you getting the amount of sleep you need? Well according to Mind Body Green, a good sleep can change your life. Original words by Mind Body Green, posted Aug 26 2015 by Diya SenGupta   If you’re looking for an increase in happiness, it may be as […]

6 Reasons We Get it Wrong!

Original Post by Fiona Keary on Style Liberation June 26 2014   Ok, so I’m putting myself out there and sharing an old photo of myself. Oh yes, that’s me! Circa 2000/2001, before I learned what worked for me and what didn’t. You see, you don’t have to be born with an innate sense of […]