Critical Media Training for Government Agencies & NGOs

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Wagga Wagga – Wednesday August 10, 2016

Spaces Strictly Limited


Engaging effectively with the media is a critical aspect of how you are perceived by the general public and key stakeholders.

With constantly changing platforms, a 24-hour news cycle driven by the public, how exposed are you?

  • Is your go-to person truly prepared for all scenarios?
  • Is your messaging on-point, always?
  • Are you taking advantage of EVERY opportunity?

Who is the training for?


The day is split into two halves. Depending on your organisation’s structure, you may wish to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions, or send a few key people. Please see pricing structures below.

AM: Staff directly responsible for preparing media briefs, social media and public relations; as well as marketing and communications management.

PM: Media spokespeople, Chief Executive Officers, General Managers, upper management

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS: Please contact Laticia on 0413 342 735 or email



MORNING: Marking/Comms staff

  • Different forms of media and how to leverage them
  • Identifying angles and audiences – and how to pitch your ideas
  • How to engage journalists across all platforms locally and nationally
  • How to be PROACTIVE not just reactive
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Dealing with difficult/negative comments and requests from journalists and the public

PLUS: Receive a finely tuned processes and communications checklist, specific to your industry.


AFTERNOON: Media spokespeople, Chief Executive Officers, General Managers, upper management

Understanding how to respond to difficult questions and unsettling interview techniques will make a big difference to public awareness, relationships with stakeholders, even your bottom line.


Our training program operates in three stages:
Preparation: We unpack, analyse and test actual and potential problems.
Workshop: We explore effective media engagement and common pitfalls of the unsuspecting.
Playback Technique: Each time you present, we film you and play it back. This is the most efficient means of monitoring and improving presentation skills.

In the days after the training, each candidate will receive a video feedback clip with focus areas provided around where improvements can be made on content and delivery.

Key areas addressed: Presentation and interviewing skills

  • Establishing yourself as a person of influence
  • Preparing and sticking to direct messaging that’s confident and controlled
  • How to ‘speak in sound bites’
  • Practical skills for speaking to camera and publicly

Crisis PR Management

  • Handling journalists hungry for a story
  • Keeping a cool and level head during a doorstop (prac)
  • Preparing media statements



DATE: Wednesday, 10th of AugustVideo_production_workshop_albury_4

LOCATION: Wagga Wagga (venue TBC)



1 representative – $190 +GST per person

2 or more – $170 +GST per person


1 representative – $290 +GST per person

2 or more – $250 +GST per person


1 representative – $450 +GST per person

2 or more – $430 +GST per person

**Please Note: Afternoon session numbers are strictly limited to 12 to ensure best learning outcomes.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS: Please contact Laticia on 0413 342 735 or email



Laticia Gibson, Director laticia_headshot

With over eleven years in the world of broadcast, Laticia, a former Today Tonight reporter, is well versed with the ‘tricks of the trade’. Having been on both sides of the desk, as a reporter and a marketing/PR consultant, Laticia brings invaluable insight.

Having worked and lived in the Riverina the past five years, she’s not only passionate about seeing the region thrive, but also understands many of the issues faced by constituents and their representatives.

She’s worked closely with large agri-businesses, councils and industry stakeholders across NSW and Canberra to set, implement and deliver successful marketing campaigns. She also sits on the Regional Development Australia, ACT Board.
Marcus West, Media Man

Marcus is the leading media trainer in Australia and a recognised expert in video analysis and the semiotics of performance.marcus-screenshot

He consults to the best TV talent nationally across all networks to help them improve their presentation to camera and lift their interviewing skills.

He also trains politicians from all sides: local, state and federal around developing their political narrative for their constituents and lifting their engagement with voters. He has also prepared many corporate leaders from the banking and professional services sectors for challenging media engagements.