Oct 9


Are you a business owner? A start-up? Or a ‘wannabe entrepreneur’? Want to know how to increase your own business AND help your clients? Then the Mind Body Business weekend is for you.

Friday OCTOBER 9, 2015 – Canberra


This exciting one-day event WILL push your buttons. It will challenge your belief systems, test your limits and ultimately push you to break some obstructive habits – all for the greater good!

Our world-class speakers will not only teach you WHY being healthy in your mind and body helps your business but it will show you HOW you can become a business leader. This isn’t about bombarding you with facts, fads and fiction, it’s about arming you with practical principles to propel and activate your potential. It will expose your limitations and mobilise your strengths. You won’t be preached at, you’ll be part of the learning experience.

Our impressive line-up of speakers include renowned author and nutritionist, Lola Berry, international speaker on the art of fulfillment, Andrew Hughes and Carrie Myton, co-founder of Experts Success Network. Industry experts will speak on a variety of topics including mindset, nutrition, movement, marketing and sales. Mind Body Business is guaranteed to be a journey of growth for your mind, body and business. For the full list of speakers and topics head to our speakers page.

It’s time to Activate Your Potential