Farewelling a season


Words by: Laticia, Founder MBBAutumn_goddess

Do you feel like you are changing? Something is being stirred in your core? You feel something inside is evolving?

Are you making more conscious decisions about your life? You are suddenly more aware of the way you treat your body… from the food you put in it, to the way you use (or don’t use) it?

Are you analysing your thoughts and behaviour? Becoming more aware of the words that come out of your mouth?

Have you rediscovered an old hobby? Or being pulled towards brave new adventures?

Are you feeling more disconnected from old friends but being drawn to a new circle?

Are you seeing things and people differently? Is your soul picking up on energy that no longer sits well with you?

We are energy and as such, it is scientifically impossible to stay fixed. If we fight nature, we cause internal harm.

Just like the seasons change, so do we. As we move through cycles and we are awakened, it does us good to acknowledge that just like the weather, our souls, bodies and minds change.

Sometimes during this process, we can get scared and confused. We feel like we are being pulled in two different directions. One towards the old ’safe’ zone, the other towards the new ’scary but right’ zone…

Not everyone is going through what you are going through right now. In fact, there will be people in your life that will look at the changes going on in you and want to pull you back because it makes THEM feel uncomfortable.

But ask yourself, during Autumn, do we stand at the trunk of a tree and beg the leaves not to turn in colour? Or do we sit back and acknowledge that a change in wardrobe will soon be required, and we should enjoy the beauty before us?

Some accept and embrace the change, others runaway, seeking an endless Summer… That’s ok, too. We all have our own journey.

Farewelling a season (whether it be shedding friends and/or old patterns of behaviour) doesn’t mean you don’t love the memories it holds and the experiences, love and joy it may have given you, it just means you accept that you can’t hold on to something that is no longer there. Instead, you get out the warm winter socks and gaze into the fire and smile, knowing that there are many more seasons to come…

(Note on Image: The image selected is the Welsh Goddess of Autumn, Modron – a mother goddess associated with harvest and fertility…)