Finding peace amongst the chatter

Finding peace amongst the chatter
Words by Andrew Hughes


The message I want to share with you this week is the importance of finding some peace in your life, some stillness inside. We live in a world that’s so busy. I have 4 kids, and I know that with a busy school life and a busy work life  you can be on the go all the time. You  fall into it without realising. Sometimes weeks can go by, sometimes months – for some people, it’s years – before you finally draw breath and say, ‘Oh, that went quick.’

Just Do It

We live in a society that’s a bit ‘doing’ mad. Think of all the ads – ‘Just Do it’, ‘No time like the present.’ There’s lots of sayings, all driving us to take action all the time. Now, I’m all for taking action, but there’s good action and there’s not-so-good action. Or there’s action that can be really productive, and there’s action that’s a bit like the wheels spinning.

I’ve found in my life that inspired action, action that comes from an ‘aha’ moment or a wellspring of ideas, is what really gets results.

Action for the sake of it – ‘What would somebody else do next?’ or ‘What’s the obvious next step?’, always leaning into something without pausing to find some peace within – is not very useful.


Sages, saints, seers, and all the great philosophies and religions talk about how important it is to find peace within. Recent studies show that intuition comes when the brain quietens down, when you get out of that beta range of thinking (busy, busy, busy) and start to dumb it down so that you get more relaxed. The noise quietens down and subsides, and that’s when great ideas come. You’ll know it yourself. Who has had a great idea when they haven’t been thinking about the problem? Everyone has had that experience. When you’re not thinking about the problem, your mind is dumbed down and you can hear your insight.

It’ll just seem easier

So, the importance of finding peace? You’ll have a much easier life, you’ll feel better, the world won’t be so pressed down on you, and it’ll just seem easier. That’s my thought for the day – find some peace, however you do it. Is it going for a walk? Doing some gardening? Playing with the dog? Meditating? Listening to your favourite music? It’s a time of just being still, letting the world pass by for a moment and going inside to have a little bit of quiet.

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