Fiona’s Tips for GREAT Profile Shots


Do you hate the way you photograph? Want to be true to yourself in your business headshot? Feel like awkward selfies are the only photos you have control over? Well not any more!

Original words by Fiona Keary from Style Liberation, posted Oct 21 2013


I was lucky to work with a fabulous client a few weeks ago to create a portfolio of professional profile shots. The shoot was effortless not only because my client was a natural in front of the camera, but because she was very clear about her style and the image that she wanted to project. So if you are due some new professional profile shots here are my tips for ensuring that they are exactly what you want.

1. Be true to yourself

Don’t try to create a look or image that does not reflect who you are. You will appear uncomfortable and it will show.

2. Know your audience 

It is worth familiarising yourself with your industry dress code to ensure that the image that you project reflects that. If your shots are too formal for your audience you risk alienating them and if they are too casual it may appear that you do not take your career seriously.

3. Hair and make-up

I have been guilty of not having my hair and make up done professionally and I have regretted it. You do need more make-up for photos as the lighting/flash will drain the colour and features from your face. I hate to have to say it but for photos most of us require more ‘air’ in our hair. Don’t be a victim of ‘flat hair syndrome’.

4. Review the photos

Ensure that you look at the shots before you finish the session to make sure that you are happy with them. You may find that a different pose or making small changes to your outfit will ensure that you capture the look you are after.

5. Work with an experienced photographer

Ask for recommendations and work with a photographer that has experience in taking professional shots. It is a great idea to meet or talk with your photographer before the shoot so that you can discuss the look that you want to achieve. It is not appropriate to use a photo from Friday night drinks taken by a friend or colleague.

6. Outfit choices – at least 2, even 3

What looks great in person may not look so great in photos. Changing outfits also means that you can create looks that are more or less formal and can be used for a range of purposes and clients. For example, sometimes you may want more formal shots for corporate and client purposes and at other times you may want to create a more approachable look for community engagements.

Most importantly, RELAX and enjoy being pampered.

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