Gut Health and Kombucha Workshop





CANBERRA: Saturday July 23rd

WAGGA WAGGA: Saturday August 6th

4-hour workshop with nutritionist, Jane McIntyre


Part 1 – Introduction to your microbiome
–  What is the microbiome? Your inner eco-system explained
– The role & importance of the gut & microbiome on all aspects of health health
– The Gut-Brain connection
– How does digestion work and why is it so important?
– What symptoms indicate a problem with digestion?
– What does healthy digestion look and feel like?
– How our modern diet impacts our health
– Why we are getting sicker?
Part 2 – Leaky gut
–  The gut and the link to chronic illness of other body systems –
      – Nervous system, immune system
      – Inflammation
      – Hormones
– The importance of gut health for supporting liver detoxification.
– Identification & awareness of the signs & symptoms of a leaky gut
– Causes of gut wall permeability (“leaky gut”)?
– Steps to take to repair your gut and begin to resolve chronic health problems
– Practical steps for improving gut health
– What foods to eat to support gut health and good digestion
– What are probiotics and prebiotics and why do they matter?
gut healing foods
Part 3 – Kombucha Making Workshop !
*** PLUS Taste test of DELICIOUS gut healing foods and drinks!
N.B – Don’t forget to bring along a healthy snack for your afternoon break!


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