Helping Women Activate their Potential



Words by Laura Edwards, HerCanberra

Eight years ago Laticia Gibson was living a seemingly glamorous life, working as a television reporter in busy newsrooms around the world. But while she loved her job, it was having a huge impact on her health.

“As much as I liked what I did, it was a really volatile environment and damaging health-wise,” Laticia says.

“Every week I was sick, I wasn’t eating properly and I couldn’t sleep. Putting my work first was not only damaging my body and mind, but the relationships around me.”

It wasn’t until she reached “complete burnout stage” that Laticia finally decided to take a step back and put her health first, leaving her job as a news reporter and eventually launching a video production and marketing agency business, Blue Clay Productions.

Laticia says the business’ mission is to merge worlds of ideas and communities through powerful, innovative and accessible media.

“We now have two offices across the country and have also organised Mind Body Business, an innovative two-day function which highlights the connections of a healthy mind and body, and how they translate to a healthy business,” says Laticia.

As part of Mind Body Business, Laticia will be holding an “activate your potential” ladies night in Canberra on 15 July, which aims to help women overcome being overwhelmed in all aspects of life.

Laticia Gibson. Photo: Supplied

“The whole event is about looking after their body and mind – if you can’t nurture yourself, you can’t look after your loved ones or be present in a relationship,” Laticia says.

“It can make you snappy, overlook important things at work or develop self-loathing habits – you simply make bad decisions when you’re overwhelmed.”

Guest speakers at the event include senior Buddhist practitioner and business owner Simone Dowding and image guru Fiona Keary, who will share ways to help awaken your heart, mind and soul and help women say no to burn-out.

“It’s about finding your authentic self and your authentic path, and coming back to a place of inner quiet to help reinvigorate and activate your potential with like-minded women,” Laticia says.

“I think it’s really important to know when to stop before you get to the point of ‘I can’t do this’.”

Laticia says signs of being overwhelmed include excessive exhaustion, irritability and susceptibility to illness.

“I see so many women who run their own business or who work in high profile positions who think they have to do it all and that they have failed when they can’t, but it’s about understanding your limits and adjusting to them,” she says.

“I tell my clients to track their day, basically every minute to when they wake up to when they go to sleep. I get them to do that for a solid week, three days minimum. Straight away I can identify how much time they waste on activities that don’t really add value to their day.”

Laticia’s tips to minimising stress include turning off phones at least one hour before bed, meditating for five minutes a day and learning to say “no”.

“Some people wear being stressed like a badge of honour, but it’s not – setting boundaries and looking after yourself is,” says Laticia.

“Everything is a choice, and it all starts with you.  If you’re taking 30 minutes out for yourself that’s something to be proud of, not running yourself into the ground. It’s about being real and honest – women need to stop feeling like they should put themselves last.”

The essentials

What: Activate Your Potential Ladies Night
Where: Gorman Hall, 55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon
When: 5.45pm, 15 July 2015