Are you feeling completely overwhelmed?
Feel like your business should be doing better?
Do you want it all to be simpler and easier?
Have more freedom and time for yourself and your loved ones?

If you answered yes, then Mind Body Business can help you transform the way you do business right now!

Get 10x more leads online and finely craft your Unique Message to stand out and close sales in an over-saturated content market!
Unearth your authentic voice, build immediate trust and increase sales.

How long are you going to stay stuck on the merry-go-round going round and round? What will it cost you two years from now? Health? Family? Money? A life off this nauseating cycle is achievable. If you want a calmer more fulfilled life and a business that returns MORE PROFIT with LESS work, then you need to act now!


Think about when you had time, money and energy, how did that make you feel?
If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for right now?

Did you know that 97% of businesses fail within the first year and 80% of the remaining fail within three years and it’s all because of one simple reason? They give up and don’t take action when they need to! 
The ones who succeed don’t give up. They are not just persistent, they take action.
Don’t become a statistic. Put your phone on silent, shut down the emails and CHOOSE to read this message- it will change the way you look at your business and dramatically improve your life in ways you didn’t think possible!


From Laticia Gibson
Founder of the Mind Body Business movement
March 01, 2015

Just five years ago, I was working as a TV journalist. I loved my job but it was killing me. I had insomnia, relationships were being destroyed and I was doing all I could just to get through each day. I felt like a failure. I felt defeated.

But then I had a realisation. An epiphany. This was all MY DOING. I was choosing to stay in a job that was literally KILLING ME! Why would I do that? Suddenly I went from feeling like a failure to feeling empowered.

So I embarked on the world of self-employment, starting my company, Blue Clay Productions.
It allowed me to do what I love but on my terms.

The most common thing I hear from clients is that they are overwhelmed. Running a business and being a great leader isn’t easy. People always want more from you… clients, family, friends – it can feel like an isolating road.

Your patience wears thin. Your relationships suffer. You work around the clock yet you always always feel like you’re struggling to make ends meet.

I hear you. I know what you are going through. I’ve been right where you are. When I started out I put everything I had into my business and my mental and physical health suffered. I realised I was right back where I was when I was reporting!

At that moment I made some big changes in my life and I couldn’t be happier.

You can learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to walk the path of defeat and illness like I did.

I want you to get real with yourself right now and answer the below questions honestly:

• What’s Your Life Like Right now? (Health, Time, Money)​
• How does your reality make you feel?​
• Think about when you had time, money and energy, how did that make you feel?
• If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for right now? ​


Kristie Charlton, Hair Makeup Styling Academy

Laticia first started working with me when I was in complete overwhelm and lacked direction. I was in a hard spot in my new business. Latica got me back on track, helped me with marketing and got me back to my original goal. I am so grateful with the strategies sessions we had, the assignments she set me and daily tasks, it all helps to stay focused and not slide back to old habits. Now I feel so happy and excited to be in the direction I intended. Thank you so much, I have clear branding, and attracted my ideal clients and increased my turnover at HMSA.

May I ask? Why do you go to work every day? Why do you drag yourself out of bed, go into the office or wherever you work, punch away for 10-14 hours a day? Surely it’s not for the fun? No, it’s to build a life for yourself and the people you love, am I right? You are your business and your business is your vehicle to get to your dream.

So how do we get to our dream? How do we spark people’s interest in what we have to sell them? How do we stand out from the crowd? What is your unique message?




5 part program graphic_v5We can show you how to jump off, land and sprint into a life that is calm. Where you are empowered, happy and feel better than you have ever felt AND you are making MORE sales than you ever have with LESS effort and time! It’s a 5 part program that:

So you get a series of 5 recordings that walk you through these 4 steps THEN we trap you in a room for 2.5 days so you get more sales and open up your story – get your message out into the world and you are set up so you have a story, program and product…

Over these 2.5 days you will hear from the country’s BEST! I have spent over 6 months developing this program – the content is insane! You will never get this kind of opportunity again.

BUT it starts by making a choice to change. Running a business can be isolating but at Mind Body Business you will be surrounded with like-minded people dealing with the same struggles as you. You will be led by people who have been where you are now and have overcome overwhelm. You aren’t alone. Life can be better.


“Yes, I’m ready to leap off the merry-go-round and start living the life I truly deserve!”

Usually the MBB 5 -step program on its own is $2,000
HOWEVER, with this LIMITED TIME offer

 The MBB 5-step program worth $2000
A VIP ticket to the 2.5 day event – $1300

How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit – online course with Vaughan Liddicoat. Re-frame Your Thinking, Generate New Idea Income Streams & Market Yourself Online Now – total value of $741
A $250 discount for Business Ignition Lab seat wher you will learn 10%% plug and Play techniques to accelerate your business
PLUS we will create for you a BONUS 90 Second video worth over $500 so at the end of the program, you can immediately go to market with some awesome content and start making sales! How does that sound?

 That’s $4791 VALUE for just $997

ALL OF THIS for just $997 OR we can work out 3 easy payments of $399 a month but you must be quick.


Tracey – Mind Body Business ‘Ladies Event’ Attendee

I’ve arrived home from attending the Activate Your Potential evening… I really can’t thank you enough for giving this gift to women. I own two businesses, have two children. I now feel ready to face up to the stories I tell myself daily and most importantly, I feel better equipped to make sure my two daughters reap the rewards of my new outlook. I only wish mindfulness was taught in schools…can you imagine the society we would live in if it was? . Now that you have activated my potential, I just need to work out how to fulfil my potential. I don’t want to be mediocre but to be great, you have to take action. Thanks to you, Fiona and Simone, I feel like I am ready to take action, face fears and show courage by saying yes to new opportunities. Watch this space! xxx


Questions we sometime get….

“ What if I don’t have the time?”
What if you DID have the time? What would it be like to increase productivity so you had more time for you, your family AND your friends?

“What if I don’t have the money?”
Why don’t you have the money? What are you doing wrong that isn’t bringing in the sales? What if you DID have the money? What if you could generate more sales with less time and less effort?

What if I’m scared of being on camera?
When you are an authority on something you don’t get scared. When you know clearly your point of difference and you speak with your authentic voice, you will WANT to scream it from the rooftop. You are scared because you are unclear.

Make a choice to get off that merry-go-round. Join the Mind Body Business movement and activate your true potential.
Live a life you deserve.

Just $997 OR 3 easy payments of $399 a month over 3 months