National Diabetes Awareness Week 12-18 July 2015

Diabetes Awareness

Are you physically inactive? Does stress and overwhelm effect your diet? Do you feel like skipping the gym isn’t that bad? Is your business taking priority over your health? Well you aren’t the only one, and this common mindset is putting Australians at risk of diabetes.

Over 1.7 million Australians are living with diabetes and a further 280 develop diabetes every day. In five years diabetes will be Australia’s number 1 burden of disease. So you need to act now!

National Diabetes Awareness Week 2015 (12-18 July) aims to raise awareness and alleviate misconceptions about Diabetes and the growing number of Australians who are being diagnosed. This year Diabetes Australia will launch their ‘280 a day’ campaign that will include 280 photos of everyday people who suffer from the disease.

The risk of diabetes is greatly increased with lifestyle factors such as insufficient physical activity and poor diet. The feeling of overwhelm and stress can decrease your motivation to make healthy lifestyle decisions, but by making these decisions you can improve your health and business potential.