Andrew Hughes Andrew Hughes

Andrew is an international speaker on the art of fulfilment, the science of human potential and being a true leader. A recovered lawyer, Andrew has trained and coached thousands of people to access their personal power, bringing peace, authenticity and fulfilment to their lives.

Audiences ranging from school children to CEOs are engaged and inspired by Andrew’s energetic and passionate delivery of his core message:

You are a walking miracle. Your potential is profound. Follow your heart. Discover your joy. Never settle for anything less. With degrees in Economics and Law, and a Masters degree in International Law, Andrew has had plenty of exposure to the corporate world. He now combines that experience with what he has discovered about living an extraordinary and authentic life.

Known for his ability to challenge, inspire and energise audiences, Andrew now works with groups across the globe leading them to become their authentic, fulfilled selves.


What is the end game?

When you break it down beyond the ego, an authentic, fulfilling life is what everyone wants. Where we differ is how to get there.

In the modern world, common practice is to regard fulfilment as an external exercise, to treat life as a race to the end lined with markers of achievement and ‘success’. That normally requires a good measure of fitting-in.

Scientifically and experientially we know this approach to fulfilment is broken and backwards. Firstly, fulfilment through achievement is the unwinnable game – it’s the thirst that’s never quenched. Secondly, fulfilment and fitting-in are at opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s not possible to do both.

Can you have it all? Of course. But the journey to an authentic, fulfilling life is an internal one. It springs from developing a mindset and presence that taps into your insight, leads to inspired action, and immerses you into the flow and synchronicity of life.

Come join Andrew for this workshop. Discover and commit to your authentic potential, understand the essentials of your peak performance, and plot a path to inspiration and evolution, learning how to how to grow your business, take inspired action, and evolve personally, all at the same time.