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From building a hugely successful business with over 1,000 employees in less than a decade, to founding a social enterprise for Kidpreneurs, to scaling mountains and being rescued by pirates, Creel Price is a high-octane entrepreneur passionate about the power of social enterprise.

Creel’s passion for social enterprise lead to his involvement in the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa; a cooperative of Tomato farmers in Zimbabwe; the launch of One Water Australia; the founder of Club Kidpreneur and a micro-business initiative in Papua New Guinea. It is this dedication that lead Sir Richard Branson to describe Creel as ‘the living, breathing definition of an entrepreneur’.

Creel staunchly believes in using the gift that success offers you to influence the world for good. With this as his driving force, Creel founded the Club Kidpreneur Foundation in 2010, a not-for profit social enterprise fostering entrepreneurship in primary-aged children. To date over 10,000 kidpreneurs have launched their first microenterprises across Australia and New Zealand.

Creel is known for his great ability to engage and influence people with his energy and passion in business. As a result Creel is in great demand as a keynote speaker. He is the author of two books and has been featured extensively across local and international media outlets.

Creel is dedicated to exposing people to the possibility of entrepreneurship, and the awareness that it is not merely a gene that one is born with, but a philosophy which can be developed within any individual. Creel has set out to spur this social, economic and personal revolution through the ‘Entreprenaissance’; a movement to encourage more globally inspired people to become entrepreneurs and therefore give the planet a fresh new economic future.



Business Karma – the compelling case for how helping others helps your business.

In this up close and personal look at business as a force for good, Creel Price will share his journey as a successful entrepreneur turned social entrepreneur. He will share some amazing coincidences, crazy antidotes and insightful wisdom about building a business from scratch to 1,000 employees and $109 million outcome without external investment. His humorous and confronting account will challenge much of what you believe about business and your role in it. This is a rare opportunity to hear about the power of business karma that is rarely acknowledged let alone discussed.