Dave Nixon


Working in gyms since the age of 15, Dave boasts over 11 years experience within the industry and has had the opportunity to train, coach and work with over 4000 people during this process.

This has enabled him to better understand the process of developing individual movement as opposed to simply instructing exercise technique. He applies his understanding of each persons unique lever system to help achieve more efficient movement patterns for that individual.

He now works with coaches and personal trainers to teach them how to recoginse peoples learning styles to enable a coach to communicate effectively with each individual. He helps unlocks coaches full potential to influence by teaching communicational and presentation skills.

He has just returned from touring the States training with industry leaders from Bobby Maximus at Gym Jones right through to CT Fletcher.

He is an advocate for Mental health and is a regular contributor to Men’s Muscle and Health magazine.

You will find his blog at www.davenixoncoach.com.au and his podcast ‘Mind Over Movement’ on ‘The Wellness Couch’ on iTunes.

Topic Outline

Minimising exercise and maximising movement.

We are addicted to exercise yet as a society we move quite poorly. From sitting most of the day to wearing our beloved cushioned high heels. Dave will discuss how “functional movement” trumps universal “exercise techniques” to bullet proof your body against injury and setting you up for long term performance at the same time.