Dr Helena Popovic


Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, best selling author, international speaker and leading authority on how to improve brain function.

She graduated from the University of Sydney and is the founder and CEO of Winning at Slimming – thinking the light way. Winning at Slimming is a ground-breaking weight loss program based on the principles of neuroplasticity: changing the brain to change the body.

Helena’s philosophy is that education is more powerful than medication and she believes in slow ageing despite fast living. She is passionate about teaching individuals, businesses and organisations the Neuroscience of Success and empowering people to live longer, stronger, healthier and happier.

Helena is the author of the inspiring book, In Search of My Father – Dementia is no match for a daughter’s determination. Her story is a warm and humorous account of how we can build a better brain at any age or stage of life.

Helena’s dynamic presentations produce measurable results in terms of enhanced performance, increased productivity, sharper thinking, incisive problem solving, effective stress management and greater life satisfaction. She enables people to discover the power of their moment by moment choices in reigniting their zest and vitality for life and work.


Topic Outline


Most people work on building up and boosting their financial assets. But how many people work on building up and boosting their greatest asset: their brain?

The emerging field of neuroplasticity has shown that the brain can change its own structure and function. It can grow new cells, new circuits and new connections in response to what we do, what we think and how we behave.

We are far more than passive victims of our genes: we play an active role in how our brains develop throughout our lives. However most of us are yet to realise the enormous personal power this gives us.

For the brain to stay healthy and operate at its best, we need the right nutrition, rest, stimulation, challenge and reward. Most importantly, we also need to take charge of our thinking because our thoughts play an integral role in wiring our brains for optimal performance.


This presentation distils the essence of the neuroplastic revolution and gives immediately implementable, practical suggestions to improve the functioning of the brain. By applying this knowledge, we can:

  1. sharpen our thinking
  2. improve concentration and memory
    – at any age
  3. tap into brain potential we never knew we had
  4. expand our creativity
  5. increase our capacity for learning and problem solving
  6. reduce our risk of developing depression, anxiety disorders and Alzheimer’s disease
  7. prevent the cognitive decline we’ve mistakenly believed was inevitable with ageing
  8. perform at our peak on a daily basis
  9. achieve far more than we ever thought possible
    Winning at Slimming