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logoTamra Mercieca is a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, Author and founder of the school Getting Naked Pty Ltd where she teaches people how to strip off the layers of mental and emotional conditioning so they can enjoy more love, more happiness and more pleasure in their life.

It was after overcoming severe clinical depression and a number of life-threatening health ailments that Tamra was invited to become an advocate for Lifeline, with the organisation endorsing her first book ‘The Upside of Down: A personal journey and toolkit for overcoming depression’. She then began helping clients overcome depression and become pill free in her ten-session program.

But it was while searching for her Prince that she learnt the real importance of developing relationship with self. This formed the basis of her book series Getting Naked where she shares all sorts of frivolities, but most importantly, how she cleared the personal barriers keeping her from true love.

Tamra loves teaching the art of self-love and shares this message during regular television and radio spots, in her sex column in Nature and Health magazine, at various festivals and events she’s invited to present at and of course in the many courses she runs through her school.

Before Getting Naked Tamra spent ten years as a journalist and newsreader winning a number of awards for her work. When she’s not crafting a manuscript or inspiring others, she’s out swing dancing with her fiance or jamming on her drums! Tamra’s passion in life is to let her own love story inspire others to live their unique and magical happily right NOW! Visit her at Getting Naked.

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Imagine a life where everything flows with ease, you’re confident in who you are and what you have to offer the world, you’re both happy and healthy, and enjoy nourishing relationships personally and professionally. This is possible for every single one of us, if we simply take the time to learn the art of Self-Love.

Tamra shares her personal story of how ‘dating’ herself taught her how to love and accept herself unconditionally so she could overcome severe clinical depression (dotted with frequent suicide attempts), rid herself of the negative mind-chatter that holds people back, heal a number of life-threatening illnesses, leave her day job to create a thriving business she adores and find and marry the love of her life.

In this content-rich workshop you will be taken on a journey into the subconscious mind and the role it plays in our everyday results and outcomes. No matter what area of your life needs healing – finances, business, relationships, emotions, health or spirituality – you will gain a greater understanding of what’s needed to clear the conditioning keeping you from living happily right NOW!
This fun and playful workshop will deliver you the tools and insights needed to help you strengthen your relationship with yourself because as Tamra explains, Self-Love is at the centre of everything we do, and when you master the art of Self-Love, the possibilities are endless.

*BRING a note pad and a pen so you can take part in the exercises.

Friday 2nd October, 5.30-7.30pm (5pm registration)
$80 General Admission/ $60 MBB Delegates

Are you ready to be taken deep into sensual yourself and experience the bliss, ease and deep joy that is available to you? Yoga for the Vagina introduces you to the ancient Jade Egg used 5000 years ago in China to help women remain youthful, keep their sexual organs tight and resilient into old age, and open them up to the deep orgasmic pleasure of daily life.

Whether you’re wanting to cure incontinence, infertility, PMS, prolapsed organs, lubricate naturally, release past vaginal trauma (from birth or abuse), Yoga for the Vagina will reconnect you with your intimate self so you can heal yourself from any unwanted mental or physical afflictions, while at the same time, awakening your vaginal tissue to deep pleasure.

What’s beautiful about this practice that it teaches women how to let go of the chaos of daily life, so they can surrender into their body and let their feminine energy guide them into a more centered and intuitive way of being in both their personal and professional lives. Optimum health, pleasure and a more easy, aligned and purposeful life can be yours when you indulge in the heart-centred practice of Yoga for the Vagina.

**Wear comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat if you have one.

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